A design studio for founders

A design studio for founders

As a founder, your time is precious.
Let us take care of the design work for you.

As a founder, your time is precious.
Let us take care of the design work for you.

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We do design for YC founders

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What founders love about us

“Working with 96 has been one of the most transformational experiences for the company. We had a big design bottleneck at the company, within the first 3-4 days of helping us out the output was insane and changed the trajectory of the company. Working with them has been one of the best decisions for Cradle.”

Thayallan Srinathan


"One of the main challenges in web3 is UX. We were struggling for 8 months to find a user-friendly interface to complement the tech we were building. 96s' extensive knowledge of web3, technology and design has greatly impacted our trajectory. They easily understood the vision and the tech and in hand-delivered beautiful designs we are more than proud to go to market with"

Rami Djebari


"Very professional, neat, and detail oriented. Working with 96 was a pleasure, they helped me revamp my mobile application from scratch including the UX as well. The tools they use are actually the ones which are made for the best sort of their work! Great working with them"

Waleed Arshad

Flutter Xchange

“Index96 worked hard to build my incredible deck & visuals. It was one of the best things for our company!”

Chad Garret


"The best part of working with 96 is they really understood what we were trying to build from an entrepreneurial perspective. They know how to think outside the box, and came up with amazing designs that allowed us to launch a successful product to market. Comparing this to other experiences, it was great to finally work with a team that truly understood my vision and brought more ideas and possibilities forward for Wallib"

Cristian Peñaranda


"For the design of our token-gated member platform, we worked closely together with 96 for a couple of months. They had a strong understanding of user experience and web3 pain points, which had a big value to our project.

They were able to deliver good-looking high-fidelity wireframes, even if our process was a bit cluttered. We will keep in close contact."

Jelle Eysermans


About the studio

Made by founders

We understand the journey of building a start-up from 0 and tackling those early stage challenges. Our clients like to consider us an extension of their team as partner-technical co-founder-designers. We use our own founding experience and unique approach in product to help them grow faster and smarter. Their success is ours.

We ship fast

We've engineered our very own UX workflow. Specifically designed to accelerate our UX processes. This way we deliver quicker and you can ship your product faster.

Async is the king

Around here we prefer to work async. Less time spent in meeting after meeting and instead clear, regular communication through Discord and Loom updates. We like to keep things smooth and efficient.

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